Class is on!

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Well class has started and I will attempt to take the league sheet away from my buddy Brian. Our team is composed of me, Jimmy “Lance” Culver, and Brian “BD” Howell. I was hit by a car yesterday, but I will still go at it today. Retroactive scores in the next post.



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 Hmm…I seem to be a little lacking in practice time as of late. I’ve been down to the alley, a smaller one 32 lanes, and they seem quite nice, especially when I told them I was a cook up in Tulsa. No major news, but it’ll get busy in October once class starts up.

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Last Week

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Well, I will be leaving AMF’s employ this week, so I am determined to get as much bowling action in as I can. Today I had mixed results: 116, 98, 101, 159

The first game was a good baseline, I had many nines where I missed the soli tenpin, but I got better each try. 98 was horrendous, I almost got through it without even a mark. 101 Was a little better, but too many shots carrying past the headpin. And last, another 🙂 new personal best at 159. I recorded a mediocre start, then rolled of a X/ combo, and had a turkey over the 7th 8th and 9th frames. My 10th frame both shots went way wide for a 7 and no bonus shot. I’m trying to figure out wether I will bring all 3 balls to school (I will be in a bowling class)…



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Signs of Improvement

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Well, for the second time this week I have upped my high game: it’s now a 143. I had a 143, 131, 108 serires for a total of 382. I will start doing my 3 game series listings here too, since I now can only get 3 games for 5 bucks instead of 4 games. I had a good thing goin early on in the first game, with two doubles sandwiched around a 9/ and an 8-, but I did have quite a bit of trouble with my spare shooting. The second game I did almost the same, just a few more errors on my part. Third game was crap, saved only by a nice streak of 3 strikes in 4 frames.  On a side note, buddy Caleb is back from the Army camp he’s been at all summer, so I can at least take him bowling once before I go…

Headed for Norman,


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6 games

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OK I’m back. I did my 3 games monday: 98,108,88. Not too bad for me…

Now tuesday was much better. Incidentally my lil’ bro got himself a white dot + bag today, so we’re all loaded. I got shoes finally, just some basic Dexters. I rolled: 99, 94, 141!!! NEW CAREER HIGH!!! Okay so I haven’t even broken 150 yet, but I had 5 X’s in the game, also a record (I had 11 total). I found that if I crank up the revs and set the Street Rod down just on the edge of the boards, it hooks in perfectly on our house shot. Funny thing is, 9 of my 11 X’s were brooklyn…guess I found that my line leads to NY. The old Thunderbolt D/B was behind 3 (I think) of those strikes, all brooklyn. I found myself relying on the Dot less and less, but it still came in pretty handy. I also found a lot of waxy buildup on the Rod, but it was easy enough to clean up…that’s never happened before. Well, I only have a few weeks left here, but good news: I enrolled in Bowling 101! OU has a bowling class of which I am now a member.

Strikin’ out,


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Taking a break

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I took this week off out of laziness out of need to rest, but on Monday i did try the new ball out. It hits with a ton of force, perfect deflection for my line, and good backend. I saw pins explode like crazy on a few hits, but I need to find the hooking zone. Sometimes I’d scooch it all the way into the right gutter, and I had several Brooklyn hits. It’s just a matter of consistency, something I’ve never been good at but I’m working on it. Scores  130 126 99 115

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Hit the Streets!

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I finally arrived back sat. nite, rested all day yesterday, and picked up my  new Street Rod today. Camp took enough out of me that I don’t ferel like hitting the lanes just yet, maybe tommorow. I also couldn’t do the usual monday trio of me, Trevar and Lambert-they just got back too. Pix forthcoming…

Love ya, JB

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New bag, blogroll

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I picked up a nice KR strikeforce 2-ball bag at the Pro Shop yesterday:

Also, mnogo spasibo (big thanks) to Richie V for adding me to his blogroll, I’ve done the same. Check out his Tenth Board blog when you get a chance!

Hopefully I will be able to work on my strike form and pick up some shoes tomorrow…

Peace out, JB

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